To make sure that our chats are completely safe and private and also cannot be seen by others, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new fingerprint authentication feature where the app can be only accessible for the user.

According to WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, the feature is presently under progress and is disabled by default in the Android 2.19.3 beta version. The feature will be seen in the app under the Settings option and then further tapping to Accounts and then to Privacy.

WhatsApp for Android may get Fingerprint Authentication soon

Once the feature is enabled, the fingerprint authentication will protect WhatsApp from others to be seen. The user will not be required to authenticate his identity to open WhatsApp. It will protect the entire app and it is not used to lock specific conversations.

The report also said that the feature after being launched will be available to all fingerprinting toting Android devices running on Android Marshmallow or later.

It also added that if a user is not able to open their WhatsApp with fingerprint, there will also be an option for the users to open the app using the phone’s credentials. Further, WhatsApp is also rumored to add a similar feature to the iPhone with two biometric authentication methods which are Face ID and Touch ID.

The fingerprint feature which is mainly seen in banking apps and smart phones will allow the user to ensure more security by safeguarding it against unauthorized access. But there is no guidance as to when the feature will be released. 

WhatsApp presently deploys end to end encryption security to users to protect the privacy of their messages. And with the upcoming fingerprint authentication feature, users will be able to easily and safely lock the app and thus prevent messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates from falling into the wrong hands.

The new authorization method will make the third party locking apps redundant. A report was released and it states that the features of Whatsapp still need a lot of improvements.

There is a Sign Up for iPhone too!

Fingerprint authentication is the other major feature update that is coming to WhatsApp, which will be released for both Android and iOS platforms. You may have seen that some apps, especially payment and banking apps, have started providing the option of fingerprint sign in for enhanced and efficient security. WhatsApp will do the same, and you can use the device’s stored fingerprint data to authenticate yourself while opening chats.

The fingerprint authentication option will show up in the app’s privacy below the ‘Read Receipts’ option. For Android devices, the feature will come to phones with Android Marshmallow and above which is a good thing because that way, most Android users will be able to use it.

For the moment, even if you download the latest beta update of Whatsapp, you will not see the fingerprint authentication feature, because it is still in the alpha stage of testing. You will, however, get the redesigned audio picker with audio file previews.


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