Almost all the modern smartphones of today have waterproof certification which will help them to withstand any possible water damage. But the case is different in regards to Huwaei Honor View 20. But that does not mean that it is not waterproof at all.

Huawei Honor View 20 was launched December 2018 and also Huwaei has launched many smartphone devices with great specs. The Huawei Honor View 20 also has great specifications but due to a budget oriented device, it does not have any official waterproof certifications.

Let us check if Huawei Honor View 20 is waterproof

Many smartphone buyers check the waterproof rating of a smartphone before buying the product. A waterproof device can’t get any liquid damage while swimming, in rain or in the shower. This is why the modern generation demands a waterproof smartphone.

Since Huawei Honor View 20 is not having any official IP68 waterproof certification, we will conduct Huawei Honor View 20 waterproof test to find out the truth.

Now, let us first checkout with the Splash proof test. In this test, some water droplets are being dropped in the device to see how the mobile reacts to it.  After performing the splashproof test, it is come to be known that the touchscreen is not responding to the input.

However, this is quickly fixes when it is wiped with a cloth. As said before, the touchscreen is not responding to user input. But, the camera works perfectly and in the IO ports, no damage was found either.   

The next test is the rainwater test. For this, the device is going to be suspended in the artificial rain environment. Later, one checks if the device is ideal to be used in the rainy conditions. After testing the Honor view 20 in the artificial rain condition, it was known that the device hold well in the rainy environment. However, you will not be able to be make or place phone calls.

The next test is the immersion test. In this, we are going to be immersing the device with a bucket full of water full of water for a minute and see whether it can even survive or not. After performing this test, it was found that the honor View 20 cannot hold good underwater.

The touchscreen of the device does not respond to touch inputs. But, there was no water damage caused to the Hardware of the device. The speaker however, was completely malfunctioned.

Further, in the dustproof test of the device, we kept the device in the sandy environment with a lot of grains and sand particles around it with the fan on by thus replicating a sandstorm. However, no dust particles were found in the internal parts of the device.

So, is it totally waterproof?

During all the tests which were being conducted, the touches were not responsive and also the speaker was distorted. Since this device is not waterproof, users are advised not to use this device near or in water/moisture environments.


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