Google I/O 2018 has been a great and a successful event that we all feel that every I/O event is better than the previous one. This year, Google has also made a lot of announcements which have made the fans happy, out of which is the official release of Android 9.0 Pie. This is yet to roll out to the phones worldwide, but the Google Pixel phones have already run it.

Whether you have updated your Android version yet or not, there are loads of new features you will get to see when you run Android 9 and here, we are discussing the coolest of them.

  1. Adaptive Battery

One of the best features of the Android 9 is that earlier when you used the Doze feature in Android 6 to hibernate all the apps not being used at that moment, the adaptive battery feature has come as an improvement of that and it is enabled by default.

  1. Dark Mode

The next coolest feature is that of the Dark Mode which you can manually choose to go dark on your Android device by heading to Settings > System > Display > Advanced > Device theme and choosing “Dark.”

  1. App Actions

This feature will remind you of the app shortcuts that you can summon by long pressing on icons, but it is quite different as it is Google launcher giving you suggestions of things to do with your phone. For example, now your phone will suggest your most recent playlist when you connect earphones to it and it might also suggest that you call your mom to check on her during the week. Isn’t that great?

  1. App Timer

You just need to set a time limit on applications and after you have used them for the specified period, your Android will automatically grey out the app’s icon reminding you that you should spend your time doing something other than using the app. But remember that the usage duration of the app is set by you.

  1. Adaptive Brightness

Your smartphone also will get smarter when the Android’s automatic brightness gets smarter as you can now train it to know your preferred brightness level when using certain apps and in different environments. This setting is accessible from the Quick Settings drop-down menu of your device.

  1. Slices

Another most exciting feature of the Android 9 Pie is the Slices feature which enables you to see informative data when you search for apps using the Google Search app. The best thing about this feature is that you can skip right to performing the listed actions displayed in the informative dialogue. Now for example, search for lift in the Google search app and you will get to see the option to call for a ride to take you to your office, house, etc. along with the prices displayed respectively as well.

  1. Accessibility Menu

Finally, let us discuss about the next awesome feature which is from your Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Menu >, Use service, from where you can activate the new accessibility menu which will allow an icon you can tap for actions like quick settings, recent apps, and volume.

Aren’t all these features cool? Don’t you feel impressed by all these features of the new Android 9 Pie?


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